AV Services


Strategy and Advisory
Design and Documentation
Software Development
UI and UX Design
Training and Adoption


Staging and Deployment
Project Management


Service Level Agreements
Onsite FTE Resources
Evergreen Design
Reporting and Analytics


Video Collaboration
Cloud SWP

AV Solutions


Connecting and enabling people through interoperable video conferencing, content sharing and interactivity.

Mapping, Tracking Wayfinding

Solve your Activity Based Working challenges or help people navigate large facilities.

Audio Visual (AV)

Amplify your message and empower your workforce with great sound and vision.

Scheduling & Booking

Optimise your space and improve the utilisation of your rooms and break out areas.

Digital Signage

Execute advertising campaigns or internal communications or build large scale visualisation projects.

Staff Application

Put the power of an organisation's environment into the hands of it's users with a staff application.

Fleet & Space Management

Manage audio visual and other assets through asset management and managed services.

Analytics & Smart Triggers

Automate trigger events that are either human or data driven to create great experiences.

A workplace is so much more than
a place where people work


cvjoin is a cloud hosted video collaboration platform that allows multiple participants to come in on their chosen user experience. Whether people are joining from an endpoint, a web browser, Skype for Business or a phone, they will be able to connect into the meeting natively.

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