Our purpose.

Born out of a desire to service national clients better, and formed from companies with aligned values, the Connected Vision Group services corporate, education, health, defence and government clients nationwide. With total group turnover exceeding $150m and a combined head count of over 360 people we are Australia’s leading technology partner for both physical and virtual collaboration environments.

Achieve your potential.

While we are independent businesses, we recognise the importance of delivering consistent outcomes. We share a common set of values, work to a common set of standards, and deliver solutions and support services using common delivery methodologies.

We also recognise the value in what we do comes not from the technology, but from how the technology is used. It’s importance as an enabler for the workforce, and in the workflow. With the introduction of cloud based technologies and evergreen design, the technology you implement today will get better tomorrow, and the management of this is key. Connected Vision strives to take advantage of environmental improvements and internal product leaps to always ensure the greatest potential is being achieved.

How we work.

Every member of the Connected Vision group is a standalone company with localised resources and capability. Unlike many companies with a strong head office in one city and satellite offices around the country, Connected Vision doesn’t carry a dependency on any one location. Each city works independently of, and interdependently with one another, drawing strengths from best practice, shared resources, shared information and ultimately a Connected Vision that technology should never detract, distract or disturb, but always enhance the user and their experience. If you need to contact our corporate office, please use the following address:



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Papua New Guinea

Pacific Islands

Global partners.

Connected Vision is a proud Partner of AVI-SPL, the worlds leading video communications provider who design, build and support systems and environments that enable video collaboration. With office locations across the United States, Canada, United Arab Emirates and the United Kingdom the Connected Vision group can service customers in most parts of the western world.

Vega’s widespread talent and resources in Asia greatly enhances Connected Vision’s high-end, high-touch global delivery model. Vega are the primary source for supporting Connected Vision’s multi-national customers through Asia, including key locations in India.

Who we are.

The Connected Vision name addressed two key themes, connectivity or connectedness, and vision. A shared vision among companies and a shared vision among people.  Whilst there is an intentional reference to our traditional industry, the connection runs far deeper than technology. Our vision is for growth, growth of our people, growth our partners and growth of our customers.  All three stakeholders run parallel, but it starts with people.

Our people have a fundamental belief that their actions, behaviours, abilities and values are what drives exceptional outcomes and a great customer experience.  But it’s not just empowerment and engagement, it’s about enablement.  Technology is enablement for activity. People are enablement for outcomes.  Both are critical. Neither are exclusive.

At Connected Vision our people are everything.